Cashline Investment Holding Ltd. Phone number: (36 1) 505 94 00 E-mail: ue.enilhsac@ofni


About Us

Cashline Group is one of the largest independent, privately-owned financial groups in Hungary

that extended its continuously expanding scope of activities from the beginning of 1990s to the whole palette of the financial sector from private equity investments, securities market services, investment fund management to insurance brokerage.

The company

Cashline Investment Holding Zrt. was established from the Corporate Finance and M&A department of the securities firm – becoming a fully-licenced investment bank by the end of the 90s- on the basis of the success of previous private equity-type investments concluded by Cashline Securities Inc. and the accumulated capital, to accomplish private equity investments on the Hungarian and regional markets, by equity and bank financing acquiring participations from minority investments to 100% buy-out. The roots of private equity investments are dated back to 1993-94 concluded within Cashline Securities Inc. at that time.

The Group has been developed into a holding-company in 1999 with the establishment of the predecessor of Cashline Investment Holding, and in parallel, beside of the advisory activity that had exclusively been provided for customers before, became a private investment company concluding significant transactions, and by now it is one of the largest private equity investor in Hungary. Cashline Investment Holding is the mother company of Cashline Group, in the framework of which, beside of the portfolio investments, investment fund manager, insurance broker, agricultural companies, and several investment-related project companies can be found.

Our success

Cashline Investment Holding Zrt. does not possess strict investment policy in the sense it is classically applied in the private equity industry. There is neither sector focus, nor a pre-defined optimal time horizon for the investments. There is no pre-set required rate of return either, the necessary profit-level is set by the risk of the transaction.