Cashline Investment Holding Ltd. Phone number: (36 1) 505 94 00 E-mail: ue.enilhsac@ofni


Current Finance Investments

The palette of Cashline Group’s current investments is extremely colourful. It spreads from agriculture through the financial services to the most innovative sectors of the industry. Cashline participates in the formulation of the strategy of these companies, as well as, in solving occasional daily operative tasks if required.

Safeholding Insurance Broker Ltd. (HUN)

Safeholding Ltd. is registered in Hungary. In 2004 Cashline Group, through its owner, acquired significant ownership in Safeholding Insurance Broker Ltd., dealing with mediation and management of property insurances for its medium- and large enterprise clientele. The company’s activity is regulated by the Hungarian Financial Services Authority.

PannonHitel Financial Inc. (HUN)

PannonHitel Financial Inc. is a financial enterprise providing loans and managing credits providing loans based on the permission of the National Bank of Hungary no. H-EN-I-1128/2013. Via its owner the Cashline Group acquired minority ownership in the company headquartered in Budapest in 2016. The main aim of PannonHitel Inc. is to assist the most Hungarian SMEs to receive preferential-interest loans with tailor-made customer service and the support of the European Union. All of the applications are treated individually, striving to find financial solutions matching to personal needs.

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