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Selected Previous Investments

Our group of companies, through the efficiency improvements of the acquired enterprises, as well as, the disposal of ownership stakes of the enhanced firms, collected such know-how and financial background that served as basis to the further expansion of its activity and to complete transactions of paramount importance domestically and even on regional level.

Budapest Commodity Exchange Ltd. Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd.

Cashline Investment Holding acquired significant ownership in Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd. and Budapest Commodities Exchange Ltd. in 2003, has participated in the organization of the merger of these institutions, and disposed its ownership to a consortium led by HVB Bank and Wiener Boerse a year later.

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Cashline Securities Inc.

The predecessor of Cashline Securities Inc. was established in 1994 as a small brokerage firm that soon became one of the largest independent investment banks in Hungary, offering full-scale of services (stock- and bond- and foreign exchange trading, derivative products, corporate finance advisory, investment funds, insurances) to its customers. Due to the significant narrowing of the Hungarian securities market, the owner has decided on the cessation of independent activity of Cashline Securities Inc. in 2011. Selected activities of the brokerage firm are continued by Adventum Zrt., while the retail portfolio was disposed to Buda-Cash Brokerage House.

Griff Invest Ltd.

The predecessor of Cashline Investment Holding had acquired significant ownership in Griff Invest Ltd. Real Estate Management Company in 2004, owning a hotel-office building-sports centre complex that was disposed in 2007.

Herz Salami Factory Ltd.

Cashline Investment Holding had purchased 100% ownership stake of Herz Salami Factory Ltd. in 2004. The company, after significant efficiency improvements, was disposed to a strategic investor in 2005.

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Hotel Club Siófok Ltd.

Cashline Investment Holding had acquired a controlling stake in a group of companies owning and operating four hotels in Siófok, in 2006. The hotels, after significant renovation and restructuring, was demerged and disposed to different group of investors.

Szegedi Paprika Ltd.

Cashline Investment Holding had purchased a controlling stake in Szegedi Paprika Ltd. in 2005. The company, after significant efficiency improvements, was disposed to a strategic investor in 2006.

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Rubicom Telecommunication Ltd.

RubiCom Telephone, CATV and Internet Service Provider Ltd. was established in 2004 with the participation of Cashline Group, and since then it is one of the most dynamically developing CATV and telecommunication service providers in Hungary. RubiCom’s services are available on almost 90 settlements beside of the capital all over the country. Cashline Group acquired controlling interest in RubiCom Telecommunication Ltd. in 2008. The company was purchased by UPC Magyarország Kft. in 2012.

AGRO- PRODUCT Agricultural and Meat Processing Ltd.

Cashline Group acquired interest in AGRO-PRODUKT Agricultural and Meat Processing Ltd. engaged in crop production, pig breeding and meat processing in 2011. Having followed the full-scale reorganization, rationalization and separation of pig and crop growing business lines, the renewed company with homogenized profile was sold to strategic investors during 2011 and 2012.

Futurearth Emission Trading Ltd.

Cashline Investment Holding established Futurearth Emission Trading Ltd. to conclude carbon-dioxide quota trading transactions in 2007 that was removed from the Group’s circle of interest in 2012.

Synergon Informatics Plc.

Synergon Informatika Nyrt. is the market-leading domestically-owned solution provider active on regional level. The stocks are listed on Budapest Stock Exchange. The group covers Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The scope of Synergon’s activity – in Hungary and in the region as well – covers informatics system-integration. System-integrating activity is supported by business advisory, hardware assembly, planning and realization of communication networks, provision of business infrastructure, software advisory, provision of full-scale information-security solutions, formulation of business solutions and connected services and advisory, as well as, system operation and repair services. Cashline Investment Holding acquired 24.07% in Synergon Informatika Nyrt. in 2006. Cashline Holding has disposed its participation in the framework of an MBO structure during 2012-13.

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Terminal Med Pharma Ltd.

At the beginning of 2013 Cashline Group acquired decisive ownership stake in Terminal Med Pharma Ltd., a Hungarian company operating a pharmacy in one of the most frequented shopping malls in Budapest. This participation was sold to a strategic investor in course of 2014.

Szigma Hungary Ltd.

At the end of 2013, Cashline group with the acquisition of the interest of the French Bouygues group, obtained controlling ownership stake in Szigma Hungary Ltd., having been active on the Hungarian HVAC and hard facility management market for more than 20 years. Cashline Group’s participation has been purchased by Kraft Group in 2015.

Adventum Investment Management Ltd.

The Hungarian Adventum Investment Management Ltd., following years of successful operation, was taken over to the direct ownership of Cashline Investment Holding from Cashline Securities Inc. continuing selected securities market activities of its previous owner. The company currently manages closed-end real-estate funds. The company’s activity is regulated by the Hungarian Financial Services Authority.

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Adabuild Ltd.

In the course of 2006 Cashline Group acquired significant ownership stake in a 1,500-sqm office building located in Zugló that following to a full-scale renewal has been utilised remarkably exceeding the market average. The real estate was sold to a financial investor in 2016.